Including the language code in subtitles filenames

By default, Subtitles will name your subtitles to match your video files. For example, downloading subtitles for a video named my-movie.mp4 will create a subtitles file named This is the default naming scheme because is the most widely supported.

Subtitles also supports adding a language code or name at the end of the subtitles filenames.

To enable this option, open Subtitles' preferences, either by selecting the Preferences item in the File menu or by using the ⌘, keyboard shortcut.

To enable this option, open Subtitles' settings by clicking on the settings icon.

Then select the Advanced tab. The first setting is called Subtitle filename, and it has three possible options: Same as video, Add language code and Add language name. When selecting each one, the app will show a small example of how subtitle filenames will look like with the selected configuration.